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Bytel is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Bytel offers secured fiber and wireless internet services to home and enterprise customers in all areas of Lucknow. We have launched high speed internet on Fiber in all major localities in Lucknow.

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  • Prices are exclusive of taxes.
  • Rs 500-1000 Installation charges on the Fiber connection.
  • A refundable security deposit of Rs.2500 for ONT device levied additionally.
  • Low-cost plans will only be available when the customer buys for multiple months.
  • Traffic Management policy applies to all domestic broadband packages. These packages are not suitable for business usage.
  • Wireless subscribers will get upto 10 Mbps download speed in all plans due to frequency interference.
  • The speed is measured on a wired Ethernet connection. As Wi-Fi speeds are prone to external factors(interference, end device capability and proximity from the router ), the speed might vary.

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Together, Everyone Achieves More ...

Bytel is committed to building the next generation of broadband services for customers in India. If you are a Cable TV & Cable Internet operators or infrastructure providers in residential societies, we bring to you a wonderful business opportunity to create a profitable alliance and ensure mutual success. With our guaranteed revenue share model, our partners can not only build up a profitable business by leveraging the Bytel brand but also stand at the forefront of the broadband revolution in India. Our partner program promotes partner success through active sales and marketing support, technical training support for new technology i.e. GPON & EPON, product collateral, case studies, white papers and other support materials.

Enterprise or Leased line

Internet Leased line Features:

Internet has become the most effective and essential communication tool for both large & small enterprises. Slow internet speeds not just impact Business efficiency, but also create dissatisfaction to both external & internal customers. The end objective for any organisation is to deliver “High Quality Service to Customer” but due to low internet bandwidth, business critical internet applications may get impacted, thus impacting customer experience. Bytel’s Leased Line Solution offers you more feature than what a standard broadband connection has to offer.

Fiber Plan

Fiber optic internet is here to stay

Fiber optic internet, though not a new technology, is quickly becoming the standard for fast and reliable internet. Between 2012 and 2013, subscriptions to fiber optic broadband in the United States grew 13.9%, a significant double-digit increase in a DSL-saturated industry. As the costs of installation and operation continue to drop, fiber optic internet services are making traditional telecommunication channels obsolete. Some may challenge the necessity of fiber optic super-speeds, claiming their existing internet is sufficient for their business needs.

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