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Introducing BYTEL ,licensed and audited by DOT (Department of Telecommunications) and an ISO 9001:2015 Certified company, the company has been committed to providing advanced, high-performance Pure dia Bandwidth to our customers.

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To ensuring best services, our company does not use any Pairing or mixing bandwidth ,We provide our customers Pure DIA Bandwidth Internet for Pure and high speed Internet experience .That is the reason behind our satisfied and happy 800+ corporate customers and Local operators in past seven years and so more coming ahead ...

“BYTEL always believing to give our customers the very best Internet Experience and our vision is for every Indian home and office to have access to world class internet services.”

BYTEL does not believe in providing cheap internet with pairing and mixing bandwidth as other providers do , instead of BYTEL insures that our customers experience best with Pure internet emphasising on quality .. Therefore, Come with BYTEL to experience high speed internet and be a happy and satisfied customer ...

Enterprise Leased-Line

Get Upto 30% Discount On Invoice Of Any ISP in Lucknow

Bytel provides dedicated and uncompressed internet leased line services to enterprise sector and various educational and other institutes.

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Fiber optic internet is here to stay

Fiber optic internet is simply communication through light – electric signals are converted into pulses of light relaying information through specialized fiber optic cables made from silica glass or plastic. In practical terms, this means quick internet speeds for even the most bandwidth-heavy applications, at virtually any distance.

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